Girls doing STEM activity

Cultivating a future of
engaged learners.

Cultivating a future of
engaged learners.



Our mission is to foster community partnerships promoting wellness and school success for youth and families; creating a community of life-long learners that embraces diversity.


Our vision is for youth and families of the Hillside, Lincoln Park, and West Duluth Communities to live in thriving, stable, and safe neighborhoods.


  • Improve school attendance
  • Positively impact children’s academic achievement
  • Contribute to participants’ growth in socio-emotional skills
  • Contribute to Positive Youth Development in art, music, recreation and other enrichment opportunities
  • Increase the number of positive, caring adults in participants’ lives
  • Increase parent/guardian awareness of and involvement in children’s academic and enrichment activities.
  • For children to be healthy physically, socially, and emotionally

Our Story

Originally created to address inequities within the Hillside neighborhood schools, the Duluth Community School Collaborative was the first in the state of Minnesota to adopt a Full-Service Community School (FSCS) model. This model is considered a leading place-based equity strategy in the education reform movement. Duluth Community School Collaborative (DCSC) was founded in 1999 at Grant Elementary School and incorporated in 2001 as a 501(c)(3). Neighbors and educators in the community founded the organization (formerly known as Myers-Wilkins Community School Collaborative) in the poorest area of the city through a grassroots campaign of advocacy and resource development. Because of its success in achieving desired outcomes; and, due to alignment with District-wide goals, two additional schools joined the Collaborative in 2015—Lincoln Park Middle School and Denfeld High School.

Poverty’s impact on children often leads to academic under-performance, and limited access to the educational, social, and cultural enrichment opportunities that keep youth intellectually and creatively engaged. The Duluth Community School Collaborative builds intentional partnerships with community organizations and individuals in order to support academic success and well-being of the whole child. Knowing that poverty’s negative impact on children, their families, and neighborhoods is profound and multifaceted, we seek to improve access to services and supports that contribute to student achievement by providing FSCS benefits within Myers-Wilkins, Lincoln Park and Denfeld Schools. The impact of these services extends far beyond the walls of the school, benefiting neighborhoods, partner organizations, businesses and the City of Duluth.